Limbe, 12/12/2018



Press Release

The National Refining Company Ltd (SONARA) informs its stakeholders, partners, customers and the general public, that it has successfully re-started its production units, following the end of a programmed Shutdown of its Units, which began in April 2018.

SONARA has thus concluded the connection of the units of phase 1 of its Extension and Modernization Project, to the existing installations, hence marking the end of the first phase of the said Project.

As such, since 30 November 2018, the installations have been in full production and the first vessel for the supply of refined petroleum products to the Douala SCDP depot, will load on 15 December 2018.

This re-start will henceforth enable our company to ensure a constant stock-pile and uninterrupted supply, in both quantity and quality, of refined petroleum products on the national and export markets.



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