The National Refining Company Ltd. (SONARA) is offering 15 places for holiday jobs and internships to young Cameroonians, distributed as follows:

– 10 Holiday job opportunities;

– 05 Internships.

These Holiday jobs/Internships will be obtained through a competition on the website.

I. Conduct of the competition:

For 3 weeks, 3 questions will be asked concerning the SONARA website (; Internet users will have to:

  1. Copy the address of the question and paste it on the official page of SONARA;
  2. Answer the question;
  3. In your comment, invite at least 50 of your friends to like the publication and the official facebook page of SONARA;

II. Criteria for evaluating answers

At the beginning of each week, every applicant’s points to the question, shall be calculated as follows:

                      NPi = A * B + C


– NPi: Number of points with i = 1, 2 and 3.

– A = 10 for a good answer,

– A = 5 for a partial answer,

– A = 0 for a wrong answer.

– B: number of ” Like ” recorded the answer during the week of the competition.

– C: number of people invited to like the SONARA Facebook page.

At the end of the third week, a summary of each candidate’s points shall be made:

                      T = NP1 + NP2 + NP3

III. Method of selection of trainee

The best 50 candidates for each category, will be selected for the draw which will take place on 08 May 2019. This draw will be conducted by:

– A Technical Adviser;

– The Director of Public Relations, Communication and Translation;

– The Director of Administration and Human Resources;

– 02 Staff Representatives.

N.B: Each trainee retained, shall take care of their accommodation. Candidates selected for the draw, must provide their contact details (Surname, first name, address, place of residence, academic level).

IV. Procedure of the draw

 The draw will take place in the conference hall of the General Manager of SONARA or any other hall. Preparation of the list of applicants, at all levels, leading to the draw, will be broadcast live on our digital platforms.

A list of selected trainees will be made known on the website, the Facebook page and some newspapers.