Description of the first phase of the project

Units                                                                    Capacities             
Atmospheric distillation 3.500.000 MT/year
Vacuum distillation 1.3 million MT/year
Catalytic reforming 0.305 million MT/year
Cogeneration of electricity 15 MW
Vapour 22 T/hour
New storage capacity
Cost of the first phase  200 billion CFA Francs ± 10%


Description de la deuxième phase du projet

Hydrocracking                                                                       816 KT/year                       
Hydrogen production 17 000 Nm3/hour
Recovery of hydrogen (PSA) 15 000 Nm3/hour
Recovery of sulfur 10 T/day
New water stripper
New gas flare
Cost of the first phase  315 billion CFA Francs ± 10%
Total cost of the project 515 billion CFA Francs ± 10%


Benefits of this project

  • This project allows for the production capacity to rise from 2.100.000 tons to 3.500.000 tons. The domestic market is already satisfied. SONARA will therefore further develop its market shares for export with a priority on our hinterland. It also gives the refinery flexibility in the management of production.
  • It will give the company the ability to all types of crude oil particularly crude produced in Cameroon.
  • The number of trucks to be loaded per day will increase thanks to the construction of an additional loading block and improved measuring equipment.
  • The safety of facilities and the running of the units will be significantly enhanced through the digital system and the blast proof control room.
  • On the environment side, the modernization of the refinery will reduce polluting gas emissions, and the expansion and modernization of the water treatment plants will help obtain water discharge that meets specifications.
  • On the social level, this project ultimately will create jobs and specialities, transfer of technology, sustainability of the refinery and energy self-sufficiency.

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