Reception of crude oil and also the expedition of finished products are insured by the following installations

By road
Trucks supply Limbe and the neighbouring regions (North-West and West). These trucks are loaded directly from the loading station in the refinery.

By sea

  • Wharf N°1

A 15.000 ton ship supplies the Douala region and the SCDP depot. This ship is loaded at wharf n°1 along a 700 meter long jetty fitted with loading arms at Cape Limboh. The depth along the wharf varies between 8 and 18 meters.

  • Wharf N°2

In its quest to carve a place in the international market, this new wharf which went operational on 06 October 1995, enables tankers of 30.000 to 90.000 tons to berth, load and off-load petroleum products at the quay.