Claimed a long time by you, dear users, partners, staff and institutions, the SONARA Web site has just been launched. It is with honor and immense pleasure that I present this site to you, which required several months of efforts before its setting online. It was conceived especially to inform you of the activities, the events in the refinery and the services placed at your disposal.

This website has the role to be an evolutionary and interactive portal that ties with the image of our refinery. You are invited to question us, to make proposals for the improvement of the quality of our content through the “contact” menu especially created for this purpose.

If communication is used to build a company’s image, to communicate well aims at conveying a positive image while focalizing on the satisfaction of the public, with messages transmitted by and on the company. The new site will give the possibility to users to contact SONARA on any question of private interest and obtain answers in an interactive way within a short timeframe.

Je vous souhaite une agréable et enrichissante navigation.

General Manager